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    Western Son Distillery: Red River Texas Whiskey Brand Overhaul from Liquid to Looks

    Red River Whiskey Press Release 2017

    (2/7/2017) Pilot Point TX: Western Son Distillery, Texas based spirits company, recently rebranded and unveiled a redesign of their Red River Whiskey logo, liquid and look. Since 2011 Western Son Distillery has been making fine whiskies and finding a growing fan base throughout Texas and surrounding states. With rebranding, Western Son Distillery is committed to a bottle, logo and packaging that matches the quality and sophistication of what is inside.

    Red River Whiskey hit shelves six years ago and has grown quickly in popularity amongst whiskey aficionados. Co-owners, Evan Batt and John Straits, explained, “As we have gotten to know our fan base, we wanted to give them a bottle that they could relate to and stood out from the others. We believe we have achieved just that.”

    “Red River Texas Bourbon Whiskeys are super premium and we wanted our bottling and packaging to reflect the true Texas tradition that our whiskeys are made from,” said Batt.  “In addition to our new bottle and subtle logo redesign, we are finishing the Red River Bourbon Whiskey in pinot noir casks.”

    Vinny Messina, craftsman behind Red River Whiskey, delights in the results of marrying Red River Bourbon made of Texas and American grains and the beauty of a pinot noir wine cask finish. “Good Whiskey takes you on a journey, Great whiskey is what you remember along the way.” Messina explained, “I am always looking, tasting, experimenting, but I knew we are on to something special with this finish.”

    Texas born and bred, Vinny hails from the warm gulf coast of Beaumont, TX. Vinny’s Italian heritage, a family deeply rooted in the adult beverage industry, and four loving uncles ensured him a sophisticated palette as a young man. Vinny would never be a stranger to the best whiskies and was classically trained by distillers throughout the country. With a passion for history, music and good whiskey, Vinny is a masterful artisan that truly appreciates where science and recipes end and craftsmanship begins.

    The new bottles and packing display a mallard duck reinforcing the connection between Red River Whiskey and native Texas wildlife. A portion of sales is dedicated to preserving Texas wildlife. Batt & Straits are big supporters of “drinking for a cause.”

    New bottles and packaging hit stores this week and are available in Red River Bourbon, Rye and Canadian Style. MSRP of $34.99. To learn more about Red River Whiskey and Western Son Distillery, please visit us at

    About Western Son Distillery: Western Son Distillery was founded in 2011 by co owners John Straits & Evan Batt. Western Son Distillery located in Pilot Point Texas, produces small batch crafted vodka, whiskey and gin.

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    Quesada Cigars Announces Quesada Keg Return

    Que Keg PR 2017

    The St Patrick’s Day Quesada Keg is back by popular demand and stronger than ever!

    While still utilizing a complex blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos cloaked in a Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper, the 2017 blend has been tweaked for increased strength to match the heavier imperial stouts that beer enthusiasts have come to love. The Keg will continue to be dressed in the same distinctive “barrel” packaging. Additionally, a 6 x 54 Belicoso, packed 20, has been added to the line and now joins the Toro, Gordo, and Lonsdale sizes from last year. The Quesada Keg is made at the Plasencia Factory in Nicaragua and retails from $5.95 – 8.95.

    A quote from Terence Reilly: As beer lovers continue to demand stronger “high gravity” beers, we felt it was necessary to provide a blend this year that could be paired with these potent brews as well as those traditional Irish stouts we all know and love. Consequently, The Quesada Keg 2017 is a more intense version of the 2016 edition while still maintaining the general profile of last year’s blend. Enjoy!

    For further information, contact Terence Reilly at Quesada Cigars (800) 272-5396 or email

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    The Packwood House, Skaneateles, New York


    I am a sucker for old black and white photos and the thinking about the story about the picture and what was going on at the time. This is a picture in 1905 of The Packwood House in Skaneateles, New York. There is a great article of the cigar shops and manufacturers back in the day in New York state.

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